wow. i have been feeling pretty bad lately. i have been kinda keeping it to myself partially because i haven’t been hanging out with anybody except my mom. maybe that’s why i’m depressed. she’s great and i need more people my age to socialize with. i haven’t been telling anyone because i don’t want them to up my dose of zyprexa. i hate the stuff and i’m mostly feeling bad because i’ve been on it. i don’t like the side effects. i just want to smoke cigarettes and anything that makes somebody want to do that is not working. 

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100 days in jail

Just got outta jail. By the way I uploaded a lot of music onto youtube, just search ‘grim sidewalk chalk’ or ‘grim autopilot’ or ‘corporate america desperate,’ (the name is desperate times call for disparate measures but the joke about my desperate promotion attempts is there to be made) the videos should appear. Or you can search for ‘Tug Keith,’ watch my basketball tournament highlights, and then view more videos by the uploader, yours truly, the tiger tank demolition guy. BTW, tiger tank demolition is not connected to any Nazi stuff, my sister is Jewish and I’m totally not racist, it’s just a coincidence.

Anyhow, on to my story. So, I broke up with my girlfriend, had a drug and alcohol binge, met a new girl (the first black girl I had ever dated) and got pulled over for a ‘glaring’ tail light. I got charged with possession though he did an illegal search and seizure and also no insurance card (i know, how trashy). I went to court and plead not guilty like an idiot, possession is nine tenths of the law. But, he handed the evidence to me and that negated any old finger prints that might have been on it, lol it was literally not even a bowl. I should have plead no contest. I got pretrial services, which is basically probation before you get convicted. My girl at the time told me she was pregnant. I didn’t know what to do so I went for a pint, surprise surprise.

My brother told me I had been overserved and bounced me from his bar (which was a shame, I was finding some real sage wisdom in the bottom of that bottle). I was an idiot and punched him, got tossed out by the security guards. a seemingly friendly guy gave me a light. We went next door and got more drunk. I was walking home howling at the moon and a guy came out and yelled at me. He was a two hundred some pound black man. I spouted off an ice cube lyric, something like gangsta rap made me do it, he says i punched him but I deny it, and the chase was on. Out of nowhere the guy that gave me a light appears and says the big guy is his friend and starts hurling rocks at me. A cop appears. He tells me to sit on the curb but I’m drunk and emotional and so I take off running, right? Tackles me. knees me several times in the gut. Stop resisting! I go to jail. Charges ME of all people with two counts of battery, one is just silly nonsense, heresy all of it. I do five days in jail.

Mom bails me out but I piss dirty (fail a drug test) with my first meeting with the pretrial officer. Go figure, I haven’t had time to detox. They say they lost my initial drug test but it’s because they keep putting my last name first. Bastards. Take me back to jail. It’ll be another hundred days before I’m free again, missing thanksgiving (my favorite), christmas, new years, the superbowl, and valentines day. I tell the guards they need backup, pick up a chair and act ‘fresh.’ I delayed having to take the piss test until the clinic was closed. I made jokes, I asked them to hold it for me, etc. They mixed up my first and last name and told me I had never taken the initial levels test, a lie. I go off. My girlfriend at the time (lost her number with my phone, she moved back to New York, thanks a lot ‘justice’ system) was black and said she was pregnant with my baby. White supremacist gangs in jail do not take kindly to this. I threw a fit, quoted Ice Cube and made them cuff me to a wheel chair. They take me to jail. I go off on a crazy rant when they tell me my bond is 35000 dollars. I get beaten up and have my jaw broken. I am later maced and beaten by the guards. All in all it was a crazy trip with tons more stories. I got committed too. I will tell you the details later, it’s too much and too risky to put it all in a blog.


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Missing the hospital

Schizophrenia getting worse. Life falling apart. Still convinced there’s coded messages in lots of things, not sure, I guess it just is what it is. I owe the hospital and the university a ton of money, it’s ridiculous. I have so much stuff to take care of I don’t even want to think about it. It’s ludicrous. I don’t know.

Uploaded all of my music though. I do mean all of my music, too. Search ‘Grim – Sidewalk Chalk’ and you’ll bring up ten full albums, my entire catalogue practically. Still have to upload the Safe Sounds album, though ‘Soul In Ya Life’ is up there. I also am trying to get my hands on the ‘No Dice’ sessions from high school to upload. The vocals were terrible and I’ve improved a lot at singing and even guitar, but still, I think it’s worth it for archival’s sake. ‘McNasty’ is up. Dang, I’m just not happy with my approach on that album, but oh well. ‘Beats Jackin” is up too, though only viewable in other countries with lax copyright laws. Corporate America’s ‘The Coreanders’ freestyle rock and roll album is up, so is ‘Desperate Times Call for Disparate Measures’ and ‘Besides.’ A play on ‘B-Sides,’ I thought it was funny. Let’s see, ‘Grim – Autopilot’ is up and I’m particularly proud of that. I finally finished the ‘Western Soul’ album, volume nine of the Sidewalk Chalk series. It’s formulaic, as are the rest of them albeit different formulas, but I think you’ll like it.

I’ll finish my story about spending the winter in jail and the hospital later. Altogether with all the stuff I’m having to deal with on the outside there is a part of me that feels like it would be simpler just to get convicted again and spend my life in jail. But that’s stupid, right? Life is to complex, maybe I can just get committed again. If I had access to my computer and musical instruments I really wouldn’t have minded at all. Well, that’s that, I’ll talk to you later.

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Natural Hair Color

is it possible to manipulate human genetics naturally or artificially in order to purposefully create a blue hair color gene? a green hair color gene? others? how much genetic manipulation is really possible when money is not an issue? who would appreciate this technology?

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new music got a bump on this site…

Future Screw Friday 9/27


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Aight All Night / Funeral in VA

funky little sound bite i made

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To Whom It May Concern

made ya look

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